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Using Cokin filters

Cokin CREATIVE Filter System is made for photo and video cameras. The filter is placed in front of the camera lens to modulate the quantity of light that reach the sensor in order to modify colors, contrast, saturation, shutter-speed, depth-of-field and such parameters. Using a filter is a different philosophy than using a software. Filters are used "live", during the shooting, for instant results. Even if post-processing is part of the workflow, we believe that using a filter is a mean to express creativity when you shoot. Placing a filter in front of a lens takes no more than 3 seconds. You obtain instant results that you can share without having to spend hours of post-processing. Photography happens when you shoot, not when you sit behind your computer.

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Adaptor Ring

Adaptor rings allow to attach the filter-holder on the lens. First, check if your lens has a thread to be able to screw the adaptor ring on it. Then, find the filter diameter of your lens. Most of the time, it is written on the front of the lens itself. If not, check the lens user manual. Finally, just screw the ring on the front thread of your lens, and you're done! If you have lenses of different diameters, you only have to change the adaptor ring. It's very economical!



Very easy to use, filter holders just snaps to the adaptor ring. They have been designed to offer the best user experience : rotating a polariser, sliding a filter into place, fine-tuning a gradient filter and so on. Once attached on your lens, you can use several filters at the same type. Lightweight and robust, filter holders will become your best companion for creative moments. Filter-holders exist in four different sizes to cover every lenses, from CSC Mirroless to medium format or high end video cameras.



CREATIVE filters are made of CR39®*, a resin widely used in optics for its resolution, way better than polycarbonate. The insertion of a filter in the filter-holder is astonishingly fast, flexible, and easy, especially if you compare it to the difficulties you might encounter when attempting to quickly fasten a screw-in filter on a large-diameter lens! The flexibility of the spring-action slots and the rotational versatility of the filter-holder are perfectly adapted to the careful adjustments required for the setting up of a graduated neutral density filter, for example. Just slide your filters in the filter holder and you can start shooting. From technical to creative filters, you can combine several filters to shoot the perfect pictures. No need for hours of post-processing.
* Except CREATIVE polarizing filters, made of glass.



Cokin kits are everything you need to begin using filters or complete your collection.

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