Creative Filter System

Black & White

In black & white, everything being a question of nuances and contrasts. These filters constitute a powerful method of expression, no matter what the subject is. Used in color, they generate effects that are absolutely spectacular! Keep in mind a simple rule: to brighten a colour you must choose a filter of the same colour, and, to darken, you must use a filter of complementary colour. Thus, a green filter will brighten vegetation and a orange or red filter will darken the sky.
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001 - Yellow
2/3 f/stops
Yellow: darkens blues, brings out clouds well, diminishes atmospheric haze.
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002 - Orange
2/3 f/stops
Orange: brightens reds, darkens violets and blues, reinforces contrasts in landscapes and architecture photography, ideal for outdoor nudes.
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003 - Red
3-1/3 f/stops
Red: strongly brightens reds, darkens blues and greens, creates spectacular stormy skies.
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007 - Infrared
6 f/stops
Infrared filter will give images a characteristic aspect: blue skies will become almost black and vegetation will take on various shades of white, giving it a surreal appearance. If used with a modern digital camera with Anti-IR filter built-on the sensor, you will need to use very long exposure time to obtain the desired effect. You will have to manually focus and experiment with your aperture and exposure time before having the perfect image. It may be time demanding, but it clearly worth it!
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004 - Green
2-2/3 f/stops
Green: clearly brightens greens and darkens reds, ideal for nature photography.
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005 - Sepia
3-2/3 f/stops
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006 - Yellow Green
2/3 f/stops
Yellow Green darkens blues and brightens green tones, very good filter in general for landscapes, works wonderfully with portraits.