Creative Filter System
PURE Harmonie C PL

Circular polarizer. Redefined.

Circular Polarizer filters are used to reduce reflections from non-metallic surfaces (windows, water and so on) and increase density within the sky and/or foliage by absorbing reflected light. They also allow to emphasize details such as clouds and makes pictures crisper, with deeper color tones. Their effect cannot be achieved with a computer software. PURE Harmonie C PL is the thinnest and the lightest polarizing filter in the world. Its transmission is among the best in its category in comparison with polarizers that often reduce the quantity of light that reach the sensor of the camera.

PURE Harmonie C PL effect

Cuts reflections. Boosts colors.

PURE Harmonie Circular Polarizer has a factor of only 1 f-stop when attached on the lens. It makes it very useful, especially when used in low light conditions or in combination with other filters. The example above shows how PURE Harmonie Circular Polarizer filter cuts the reflections while increasing the color density.

This animation is made of pictures taken with a PURE Harmonie C PL filter attached on the lens. These pictures have not been post-processed to alter the reality.
EverClear 5

Available diameters: Ø37 - Ø39 - Ø40.5 - Ø43 - Ø46 - Ø49 - Ø52 - Ø55 - Ø58 - Ø62 - Ø67 - Ø72 - Ø77 - Ø82