Creative Filter System
PURE Harmonie UV MC

Ultra-thin and light Anti-UV.

Anti-UV filters are used to prevent ultraviolet light from getting through the lens, by reducing haziness or fogginess caused by that type of light. Anti-UV filters offer a physical protection from dust or scratches to the lens. PURE Harmonie UV MC filter is made of extremely resistant glass with very high level of light transmission. Thanks to its extreme thinness, PURE Harmonie UV MC filter also prevent from lens flare that could occur when using traditional UV filters.

PURE Harmonie UV MC transmission curve

Extraordinary transmittance

Considering all the engineering constraints we had to take into account when making the thinnest Multi-Coated Anti-UV filter in the world, we are very proud to meet the best standards thanks to a very high quality glass with impressive transmittance.
EverClear 5

Available diameters: Ø37 - Ø39 - Ø40.5 - Ø43 - Ø46 - Ø49 - Ø52 - Ø55 - Ø58 - Ø62 - Ø67 - Ø72 - Ø77 - Ø82