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Modern tripod for retro cameras. And vice versa.

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Inspired by old camera design, Riviera Classic is the only tripod
to combine leather and wood elegancy with aluminum sturdiness in a timeless design.

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Incredibly stable and extremely stylish, with metal tightening dials similar to those found on antique manual cameras, Riviera Classic is the tripod that was missing to affirm the neo retro look of current cameras.

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Although traditional in its approach, Riviera Classic provides nevertheless all the features of a modern tripod: telescopic sections, inversible central column, multi-actions head, ergonomic wooden tightening handle, unlockable angles etc.

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Made of beech wood, known for its exceptional durability, and hand crafted by Atelier Farol at La Rochelle, France, the Riviera Classic handle has been designed to provide optimal control. Over time, and upon usage, the wood patina will make it even more unique.

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Covered with a material similar to that found on premium camera bodies, the Riviera Classic leather-inspired sections are both elegant and delightful to handle. Once opened, they reveal the brilliance of brushed aluminum, contrasting with the tripod body. Each section ends with a high density nonslip rubber cap insuring the best support on all types of field.

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Every details have been carefully thought, right down to the tightening dials of Riviera Classic, inspired by the ones found on retro cameras. Made of knurled aluminum, they offer an excellent grasp in order to precisely adjust sections and central column.

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We have brought the same care in the making of the soft pouch that comes with Riviera Classic,made of leather-inspired and hessian fabric. The cord is robust and comfortable, to carry it anywhere, with style.

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French manufacturer of filters and accessories for photography since 1970, it was very natural that Cokin collaborated with Slik to develop Riviera Classic. Founded in 1948, Slik is renowned for its unique know-how in long lasting tripods making.

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Technical specifications
Maximum operating height: 160 cm – 63 in
Folded tripod length: 60 cm – 23.6 in
Maximum center column extension: 29.7 cm – 11.7 in
Weight: 1.54 kg – 3.4 lbs
Maximum loading capacity: 5 kg – 11 lbs
Multi-action head with 360° plate
Carrying case included

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